In recent years, we have also worked internationally on major projects in Africa, Europe and Asia.

We have many innovative and time saving solutions. Including, but not limited to, the dismantling and mounting of rigging and drilling equipment, custom designed lifting equipment and experienced rope access technicians. We have the ability to work on several levels at the same time by using SafeWorkZone®. We have extensive facilities, which can provide everything from hand tools to fully equipped offshore containers for small or large projects.

We employ mechanical and electrical technicians with a broad range of experience in the engineering of special solutions. These range from hydraulic machines and systems, steel structures, walkways, stairs and more. Everything we do is tailored to fit our customers’ requirements.


Additionally, we also have state-of-the-art 3D scanning equipment. This enables us to increase the amount of offsite prefabrication, which will minimize onsite welding. This results in improved installation time and reduced total costs.


In the offshore sector, we have an extensive and broad range of experience in:

  • Mechanics, hydraulics, piping, welding and electrical projects

  • Project management and execution of projects of all sizes and complexities

  • Projects on fixed and floating offshore installations

  • SPS (Special Periodic Surveys)

  • Long-term projects with permanent personnel on rotation

  • Welding of most types of steel, including AISI 4130

  • Extensive BOP work with Vinje Industri BOP mechanics

  • Delivery of prefabricated pipes and steel structures from our own workshop or through one of our many reputable subcontractors

  • Delivery of pipes, flanges, fittings etc.

  • Rental of equipment and tools

Vinje Industri has gained considerable experience in offshore work since its inception in 2000. Our accomplishments range from the implementation of large projects to small. We can supply parts, personnel and equipment.

Vinje Industri has been involved in many rig classification surveys in Norway beginning in the early 2000s.




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