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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines the basic requirements for Vinje Industri (meaning all our employees) concerning their responsibilities to maintain high ethical standards, adhere to all applicable laws, and avoid even the perception of impropriety or conflict of interest. We shall therefore maintain and uphold principles of openness and transparency.

1.Ethics and behavior


1.1.Legal compliance

Vinje Industri shall comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations of our country of origin as well as applicable laws and regulations in countries of operation. We shall act in accordance with relevant international conventions and guidelines set by international organizations. We shall comply with any applicable sanction-, import- or export control law or regulation, and secure the same obligation for any supplier or other representative of Vinje Industri used in the work for our customers.

In the event of differences between applicable laws, regulations, this Code of Conduct or requirements in the contract with the customer, Vinje Industri shall comply with the strictest requirements.



Vinje Industri shall uphold confidentiality and prevent unauthorized persons access to information which is not made available public or information classified as confidential. All internal matters and information shall be carefully considered in discussions with external persons. The confidentiality continues to apply after termination of employment unless disclosure is required by law.


1.3.Prohibition of corruption and bribery

Vinje Industri shall not tolerate and shall work against corruption or bribery in all its forms in the public and private sector. Vinje Industri confirms that we have not and shall not offer, request, give, accept or receive bribes or other improper advantages for business or private gain, whether directly or indirectly, for itself or for others. Vinje Industri understands its obligation to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all business interactions worldwide. Any and all forms of corruption, such as bribery, money laundering, extortion or embezzlement, are strictly prohibited.


1.4.Respect of basic human rights

Vinje Industri shall actively support and respect the protection of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights through recruiting and developing staff based on merit and equal opportunity, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, social background, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or disability. Vinje Industri shall not use any form of forced

labor or child labor. Vinje Industri shall maintain the freedom of association and the

right to collective bargaining. Vinje Industri shall comply with internationally recognized labor standards covering the following areas: wages, working hours, disciplinary practices, employment contracts and working conditions.


1.5.Health and safety of employees

Vinje Industri shall work actively for an injury free and healthy working environment, and to promote an open and pro-active health and safety culture. Vinje Industri shall endeavor to control hazards and take the best possible precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases. Vinje Industri shall provide training and ensure that employees are educated in health and safety issues. Vinje Industri shall plan and act to prevent injuries, and work systematically to manage risks by using an occupational health & safety management system.


1.6.Environmental protection

Vinje Industri will act in accordance with the applicable statutory and international standards regarding environmental protection, work to avoid environmental pollution and make continuous improvements in environmental protection. Vinje Industri shall support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility and encourage the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies.

1.7.Conflict of interest

Vinje Industri shall avoid all conflicts of interest while working for customers. A conflict of interest occurs when a representative of Vinje Industri seeks to further his/her personal interest, or that of a friend or relative, due to his/her position as a representative of Vinje Industri. Vinje Industri is required to report any situations of potential or actual conflicts between our personnel’s or other representatives’ personal interests and the interests of customers.

1.8.Accuracy and retention of business records

Vinje Industri shall maintain accurate and complete company business records. All transactions between Vinje Industri and other parties shall be promptly and accurately posted in our books. All forms of financial reporting shall be in accordance with generally accepted accounting practices and principles, and all filing requirements shall be accurately met with regards to timing and


1.9.Fair competition

Vinje Industri shall compete within the framework of competition rules in its markets of operation. Vinje Industri shall never be part of any illegal price- or bid cooperation, illegal market sharing or other practice in violation of applicable competition laws. Vinje Industri shall comply with all applicable antitrust and competition laws.


2.Intellectual property

All development of new ideas, technology and/or products undertaken by persons working for Vinje Industri is part of developing Vinje Industri´s intellectual properties. These intellectual properties are the ownership of Vinje Industri. The ownership of Vinje Industri´s intellectual properties must be respected, as well as property rights of others.


3.Business courtesies, gifts, hospitality and expenses

Vinje Industri shall prohibit the offer or acceptance of business courtesies – gifts, hospitality, expenses or any benefit – where these could constitute, or appear to constitute, an undue influence.

Vinje Industri shall pay for travel, accommodation and other expenses when participating in various events with a clear business objective. Internal entertaining and representation shall be approved prior to commencement.

4.Reporting concerns or breaches of the Code of Conduct

In the event of any infringement of this Code of Conduct, reporting is to be sent directly to Managing Director immediately, using the following address:

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