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Vinje Industri is a multi-disciplinary collaboration partner

Everyone with us, from the engineer to the apprentice, delivers professional skill.  We shall always leave behind good products and small footprints. 

We make conscious choices in relation to the environment in the assignments we carry out and our commitment, long experience and pride in our work make us a good choice.


​With over 20 years of experience, Vinje Industri AS has positioned itself to be at the forefront of meeting future challenges within the long range of needs for rig service.



​Our versatile products and breadth of services make us an attractive partner for a wide range of industries on land. We are always looking for solutions together with our partners that promote a circular economy.



​Earth's largest natural resource will be important for the future. Our knowledge of innovative solutions will be of interest to new and existing customers.



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We are looking for service engineers, plumbers and mechanics.

We have an increase in activity, with many exciting projects underway.

If you have experience, knowledge and, not least, good attitudes, get in touch.

Our projects will be offshore and land-based industry in Norway and abroad.

We are a company with high competence and extensive experience

Contact one of our skilled colleagues

for one about chat about your industrial challenge

Contact us here

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