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Vinje Industri - a qualified choice

Vinje Industri offers top-class technical expertise and product deliveries. We undertake assignments within industry for both on and offshore, transport and infrastructure, environment, energy and marine. We deliver effective solutions at the agreed time.

In addition, Vinje Industri has a large network of subcontractors to ensure available expertise to deliver complete projects. Vinje Industri focuses on the whole, where we can be involved from start to finish.

Projects without boarders

The whole world is our workplace. We have carried out assignments all over Norway and, among others, China, the USA, South Africa, Turkey and Las Palmas. Regardless of where we take on assignments, our goal is to give our customers what they want and then some.


The most important thing for us is to be able to deliver, have a quick response time and build trust both with suppliers and customers. 

  • Project management

  • Engineering

  • Documentation

  • Installation and assembly

  • Dismantling and overhaul

  • Scanning and dimensional measurement

  • Inspection

  • Electrical installation

  • NDT

  • Engineers

  • Project managers

  • Inspectors

  • NDT operators

  • Electricians

  • Hydraulics

  • Welders

  • Mechanics

  • Access technicians

Multidisciplinary competence
  • Culture and DNA

  • Our deliveries

  • Our future

  • No injuries

  • Innovation and solution-oriented

  • Deliverable

  • Cost and benefit

  • Sustainable

Our belief and commitment


Vinje Industri is a company that has good and long experience with apprentices. We are delighted to have apprentices with us and find it worrying that the number applying for vocational education is falling.

With a vocational education, you will get many opportunities. Firstly, you get the opportunity to be in a company and learn from experienced colleagues, you have a paid training course, you get to use your hands, your creativity and develop abilities within being solution-oriented.

Vinje Industri wants to continue contributing to vocational education and encourages anyone who is interested to contact us.

Collaborative partners and ownership

Vinje Industri Elektro AS

Vinje Industri has its own electrical company with central approval. We can take on all kinds of projects where electricity is included as part of the delivery. 

Vinje Industri Canarias

In Las Palmas, Vinje Industri Canarias has its own workshop with hose and pipe production, where extensive equipment will also be overhauled.

Scantest AS

Vinje Industri offers NDT and inspection services and has active ownership in Scantest AS. The company offers modern solutions for carrying out NDT and uses, among other things, Phased Array for bolt inspection. The company is certified according to ISO9001 and has Approval for Service Supplier (AoSS) within all NDT methods.

Skanits AS

Skanits AS is a pioneer in the production and installation of safe barrier systems for land-based and offshore projects. The company secures personnel for safe work at several levels so that simultaneous activities can be carried out. Skanits can also quickly and cost-effectively construct and establish safe passageways to protect personnel, traffic and built-up areas against falling objects.

Safeworkzone is a time-saving and efficient solution based on certified work nets for positioning and fall protection.


Vinje Industri has modern facilities for pipe bending, welding, mechanical and hydraulic assembly and overhaul. 12,000 m2 of production facilities and warehouses enable us to meet our customers' needs.


We are looking for the wise minds of students and future workers who can help us move forward in accordance with our values.


Vinje Industri recognizes that it is our innovative and solution-oriented employees who are our most important resource. We have invested a lot in recent years to ensure modern personnel management with a focus on competence, pay system and equal and fair treatment. Reward schemes are very competitive compared to the industry. Personal and professional development and career opportunities make us an attractive workplace.

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