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Earth's largest natural resource will be important for the future. Our knowledge of innovative solutions will be of interest to new and existing customers.

  • Mechanical

  • Hydraulics, hoses and pipes

  • Electro

  • Third party equipment

  • Bolt torquing

Installation and completion
  • DNV approved offshore pressure test container

  • DNV approved hose workshop

  • Hose management system type Tessalink

  • RFID TAG system

  • Hydraulic hoses and couplings, fittings and valves

  • HIM system

Hose replacement
  • Personnel trained according to SOFT (NS9600) or IRATA

  • Safety managers and multidisciplinary personnel

  • Consulting services and rescue teams for work at height

  • Certified equipment

  • Drops inspection

Access technology 
  • Class approved hose fitters

  • NDT personnel

  • Electricians

  • Engineers

  • Mechanics (TT1)

  • Industrial plumbers

  • Sheet metal workers

  • Welders (TT1 and TT2)

  • Marine and offshore vessels

  • Ports and shipyards

  • Offshore wind

  • Aquaculture

Marine services
  • Inspection on site

  • 3D Laser scanning

  • Dimensional control

  • NDT

Inspections and
  • Stability calculation

  • Inclination test

  • Full/Periodic simplified check

  • Inspections

  • Hull surveying and line drawing

  • Drawing/Strength calculation

  • Consulting services

Approved enterprise for vessels under 15 meters
  • Multidisciplinary, innovative system engineers

  • 3D Laser scanning

  • Dimensional control

  • Strength calculation

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